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The Healthy Way with Shahi

Apr 7, 2019


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Get motivated as Shahi speaks with Jodi Bullock, a Dietician turned Holistic Nutritionist, on how she was able to overcome health challenges (including infertility) by changing the way she looked at and ate food!

More about Jodi Bullock

Jodi Bullock is an intuitive health coach, plant-based cook, and consultant and passionate about showing the world how to eat. She healed her body from fertility issues naturally through learning about foods, energy and how the systems of the body interact.

You can connect with Jodi on Instagram, Facebook, and her website

In today's episode we talk about:

* What made her start changing the way she ate

* Her issues with infertility, and how her different approach to food healed her body

* Two specific tips for those struggling with infertility

* Why changing your habits to eating high-frequency food doesn't have to be complicated

* How food can heal other symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, cramps, and many others