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The Healthy Way with Shahi

Mar 18, 2019


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Today we have a special hands-on episode!

Shahi is joined by Juli Gauthier, entrepreneur and coach, who guides us through an experience on how to wash away the stress of everyday life, and tells us what it took for her to shift towards a high-vibration energy in both in business and at home!

More about Juli Gauthier

Julie is an Entrepreneur, Coach, and course creator with a passion to help people live their own extraordinary life.

You can join her 30 day Gratefulness Challenge, where you receive daily emails with reminders and videos to bring you to a state of gratefulness and abundance, by texting “Gratefulness” to 444999 (If you’re in the US).

You can also message her to access the challenge on Facebook, Instagram or on her website

In today's episode we talk about:

* How Juli was feeling burned out as a mom of 3, going to school, and helping in her husband’s business

* The experience that made her realize she needed to step up and be in charge of her life

* How to be motivated by love and gratitude instead of fear and stress

Tools Mentioned:

* The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families