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The Healthy Way with Shahi

Mar 31, 2019


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Get inspired today as we talk about mapping your goals onto a vision board!

Shahi speaks with Kristal Fiorentino, Certified Yoga Therapist and Life Coach, on how you can achieve your goals using your senses and a clear vision.

More about Kristal Fiorentino

Kristal Fiorentino is an internationally certified Mind/Body Connection Coach and Yoga Therapist. Specializing in anxiety, depression and autoimmune disorders, Kristal can translate the Body's language, getting to the energetic and emotional root cause of long-held and chronic symptoms.

You can connect with Kristal on her website 

In today's episode we talk about:

* How to create a Vision Board

* Why it's important to utilize as many of your senses as possible when reviewing your vision board

* How visualizing your goals is a scientifically supported method of achieving them

* What to do if you're achieving some goals but not others

Tools Mentioned:

* The Secret